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Mai Chau Trek - one of a branch of Asia Group Tour Ltd is a local based provider offering a wide range of tours and related travel services in Mai Chau.

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Mai Chau Trek is a travel portal site specializing in operating tour to Mai Chau, a beautiful landscape in the Northwest province of Hoa Binh, Vietnam and nearby destinations such as Cuc Phuong National Park and Pu Luong Natural Reserve.

Mai Chau is the heart of a beautiful valley that is a world away from the hustle of Hanoi. The modern village is an unappealing sprawl, but as you emerge on the rice fields and rural living is transformed into a real paradise. It’s a stunning area, and the most people here are ethnic White Thai, distantly related to tribes in Thailand, Laos and China.

Although most local no longer wear traditional dress, the Thai women are masterful weavers who ensure that there is plenty of traditional – style clothing to buy in the village centre. You will see women weaving on looms under or inside their houses in the village. Much of the silk looks similar to that seen in Laos. The Thai of Mai Chau are less likely to employ strong-arm sales tactics than their H’mong counterparts in Sapa: Polite bargaining is the norm rather than endless haggling.

Mai Chau is 135km from Hanoi and just 5km south of Tong Dau junction on High Way 6. The best time to visit Mai Chau – Pu Luong is any time. One of the principal tourist lures of the area is its equitable climate. There aren’t any extremes of climate here, nor are there extremes of temperatures here. What you have are three principal seasons, hot, rainy and cold, with variations in temperature and the rainfall.

The highlights of Mai Chau Trek operation are the trekking tours to visit remote and untouched villages, enjoy breathtaking sceneries and learn more about local culture via their daily life with enthusiastic and professional tour guides.

Trekking to Mai Chau to touch the cultural values inside with us.

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