Q. Can I ride a motorbike?

A. Yes, you can ride a motorbike if you have motor bike driving license. You had better learn about the area before. Or you can rent our tour guide to go with you.

Q. Can I drive a car in Vietnam?

A. Yes, you can. It is recommended for you to rent a car in Tourist Company. It’s safe. And you can have thoughtful care from the driver. Tourists who are not used to the traffic in Vietnam find it difficult to drive.

Q. Is car rental valued per hour or per kilometer?

A. Car rental is valued per km and time. We can provide you exact the costs on the scheduled itineraries.

Q. What includes in the car rental?

A. Car rental includes tax, gas, toll fees, and driver’s personal expenses.

Q. Is it possible to stay overnight on boat in Halong bay? Could you please describe it?

A. Yes, definitely. Each room has twin beds or double bed, fan, toilet, hot water. Air conditioning in the room is available at your request. Each junk has dining room and sitting room. You can go the upper bunk for sightseeing or sunbathing. We guarantee the hygiene and good services on the boat.

Q. Can I go kayaking on Halong Bay?

A. Yes, you can go kayaking following the 1, 2 or 3 days tours from Hanoi. We have composite kayaks and professional guide available.

Q. Can you arrange a biking tour?

A. Yes, we can. It depends on your demands; we can arrange short biking tour in and around

We can arrange biking tour guide to go with you. We also arrange a minibus, if you don’t want to cycle, you can use the minibus instead.

Q. What is your bike type?

A. The bikes are new and nice. They have 21 gears. Any way, you can bring your own bike with you.

Q. What is the ability of the tour guide like?

A. Our tour guides are experienced, with National Certificate from National Tourism Board. Tour guides are always received good feedback from our customers.

Q. Is there any free time in the tour?

A. yes, but not many, usually after dinner. You can request more free time for shopping.

Q. How to buy air tickets to Vietnam?

A. There are many airlines which have direct flights to Vietnam like: Vietnam airlines, Air France, American Airlines, Thai Airway, Japanese airlines, Singapore Airlines, Malaysia Airlines. Please contact with the airlines agency to book the air tickets.

Q. How to book a cheap air tickets to Vietnam?

A. There are many website and airline agencies which provide air ticketing. You had better study several airlines to find the suitable one.

Q. Can we book air tickets through your company?

A. Yes, you can book air tickets to Vietnam through our company and receive air tickets at your country. The airfare will be higher because we have to pay for the fees when issuing the tickets in foreign country. The best way is to book the air tickets for yourself.

Q. What do you serve if I am a vegetarian?

A. In this case, please advise us before so that we can order a vegetarian menu during your trip in Vietnam. Vietnam is famous for Vegetarian foods, tropical fruits. We are willing to serve at your taste.

Q. Are there any restrictions on photography in Vietnam?

A. Yes. Photography in or near military installations, airports or similar locations is prohibited. Anyone caught doing so will have the film, and possibly the camera or camcorder, confiscated and may be arrested.

Q. Can I buy antiques in Vietnam?

A. A qualified yes. However, exporting an artifact with cultural significance requires an official license. Without a license, anything old is liable to be confiscated at the airport.

Q. How can I take large items home with me – furniture or paintings, for example?

A. We are also registered for export and import activities. We will give you an ‘at cost’ quotation, and arrange for the items to be properly crated and licensed for export.

Q. Are there Internet facilities in Vietnam?

A. Yes, plenty in cities and large towns, but not in rural areas. Most large hotels have internet access, and Internet cafes are commonplace and cheap.

Q. The artist you took me to was wonderful. I want to give him a gift. Any ideas?

A. This is a common query. Rather than make general suggestions, we will try to suggest something that will be really appreciated, and purchase it on your behalf, if necessary.

Q. I am from the United States. Will I face any hostility because of the war?

A. You will be surprised by the warmth of your reception. We Vietnamese live in the present and the future – the war is history. We warmly welcome people from all countries and races.

Q. What is the attitude towards drugs in Vietnam?

A. The law is strict in Vietnam. The use of illegal narcotics is strictly forbidden, and dealers and persons caught trafficking, whether Vietnamese or foreigner, face execution. Don't risk it under any circumstances!