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Mai Chau in Hoa Binh province is the heart of a beautiful Northern valley that is a world away from the hustle and bustle of Hanoi. The modern village is an unappealing sprawl, but as you emerge on the rice fields and rural living, it is transformed into a real stunning natural paradise with a mosaic of rice fields, bamboo groves, and scattered settlements of ethnic White Thai people.

Also, traveling to Pu Luong Nature Reserve in Thanh Hoa province is perfect for the nature lovers wishing to escape the bustle of city life and see imposing mountain ranges, intact rivers and waterfalls, poetic villages, and immense valleys of beautiful terraced rice fields. Plus, a tour of a less-visited place like Pu Luong on tours of Vietnam makes it possible to get off-the-beaten-path and appreciate the isolated life and taste the local cuisine.