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Travel Ba Be National Park Detail

Owning one of the 16 most beautiful lakes in the world voted by MSN, Ba Be National Park is an ecological tourist destination for those who love exploring nature.

Ba Be National Park is considered an extremely valuable natural tourist destination. It has an extensive system of primeval forest on the geology of limestone mountains, embracing the clear blue freshwater lake.

Introduction of Ba Be National Park

Ba Be National Park is the pride of Bac Kan province, located in Nam Mau commune, Ba Be district, about 230 km from Hanoi. Locals call Ba Be Slam Pé, meaning three lakes. This name comes from the fact that the lake is the confluence of three branches of Pe Lam, Pe Lu, and Pe Leng rivers.

The abundant nature in Ba Be National Park

The abundant nature in Ba Be National Park

Ba Be National Park has a large area of over 23,340 ha. There are more than 417 species of plants and 299 species of vertebrate animals. Ba Be National Park is a precious natural heritage and needs to be protected.

Best time to travel

June and July are the time when the beauty of the National Park is outstanding with a waterfall, a blue lake full of shrimp and fish, and the golden fields, and the beauty of the gentle mountainous people like the Northwest mountains and forests.

Attractions of Ba Be National Park

Ba Be lake

Ba Be lake is one of the 16 most beautiful one in the world voted by MNS and is in the list of one of the hundred largest freshwater lakes in the world. The unique natural landscape, harmony between mountains, rivers and water, and a mild, cooling climate are the unique features attracting tourists to visit Ba Be.

The most significant value of Ba Be lake is the unique landscape, outstanding value for geology, geomorphology, and great value for biodiversity.

Puong cave

Exploring Puong cave

Exploring Puong cave

Sailing to the lake door, opposite Nang river, tourists will come to Puong cave to admire the numerous stalagmites and stalactites with strange shapes that grow from the ceiling. Inside the cave is an animal world in the dark along with historical evidence of the ancient and the Mac Dynasty.

Dau Dang waterfall

From Puong cave to Dau Dang waterfall, tourists will admire the landscape of tropical forest on the limestone mountains and the herds of stocks, kingfishers, herons, and mallards, etc. flying on the Nang river.

Fairy pond

Fairy pond is located at the corner of the third lake of Ba Be lake, is a small lake in the middle of the valley and primeval forests. It is home to many aquatic plants and animals.

An Ma temple

Arriving at the spiritual area of ​​An Ma temple, on the island with tortoise-shell shape, the temple was built by the family of Ma to worship the ancestors. An Ma temple is very sacred and is the place to hold the festival every year.

Pac Ngoi village

The peaceful Pac Ngoi village

The peaceful Pac Ngoi village

Coming to Pac Ngoi, explorers can not only immerse themselves in a peaceful and exotic space but also enjoy the delicate nature, learn about the cultural life of fishers here, and enjoy grilled lake fish.

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