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With the thousand years of the forming and developing history, Cao Bang has many natural and historical sites for tourism. Coming to Cao Bang, tourists not only admire the poetic beauty of Ban Gioc waterfalls, or Non Nuoc UNESCO Global Geological Park but also experience the spiritual culture in the sacred temples, and historical relics.

Overview of Cao Bang 

Cao Bang is a northeastern province in Vietnam. Cao Bang has an area of 6.703,42 sq km with an average altitude of 200 m sloping lower from north to southeast. The area of forests and mountains exceeds 90% of the entire land fund, the cultivated land only overtakes 10%. The population of Cao Bang province is 519.802 people. The landscapes of Cao Bang are very beautiful which profoundly mark the cultural identity of local ethnic groups. 

Cao Bang

Cao Bang

The climate of Cao Bang

The climate of Cao Bang is strongly influenced by the tropical monsoon climate with the impact of high mountain continent climate, so it is different a bit from the other provinces in the northeast of Vietnam. Cao Bang is the gateway to the northeast monsoon from China overflowing in winter and influenced by the southeast monsoon in summer.

In general, Cao Bang's climate is cool all year round with many high mountains, charming natural landscapes, so it is very suitable for resting and traveling.

According to Cao Bang tourism’s review, the best time to visit Cao Bang is from August to September when Ban Gioc waterfalls are full of crystal water. The buckwheat flower season is from November to December, tourists should bring a coat along when traveling to Cao Bang this season because it is quite cold at this time. 

Get to Cao Bang

Cao Bang city is about 280 km from the capital of Hanoi, tourists can choose to travel to Cao Bang by bus, There are 3 bus routes per day from My Dinh to Cao Bang, all of the routes are running at night.

When coming to Cao Bang bus station, tourists can catch a bus from Cao Bang city to Ban Gioc. Trung Khanh district is 65 km from Cao Bang city and from Trung Khanh town to Ban Gioc, tourists have to go on the 25 km road.

Tourists also choose to move by motorbike, it is favorite traveling transportation for Vietnamese young people. Riding on a motorbike, you can admire the beautiful landscapes of Vietnam along the road.

Famous tourist attractions in Cao Bang

Ban Gioc waterfalls

Dubbed as the fourth’s largest waterfalls in the world and listed in the most beautiful waterfalls located the borderline of countries as well as the most beautiful waterfalls of Vietnam, Ban Gioc waterfalls is the most famous tourist attraction in Cao Bang. It is a must-visit spot when visiting Cao Bang.

Cao Bang

Cao Bang

Nguom Ngao cave

Away 3km from Ban Gioc waterfalls, Nguom Ngao is a beautiful dry cave in Cao Bang. It is a suitable place for adventuring, especially for those who have a rich imagination. The cave is formed from thousand years ago with the system of exotic stalactites in different shapes and sizes that create a unique overall that only Nguom Ngao cave has. 

Lenin stream and Pac Bo cave

Lenin stream and Pac Bo cave are the famous historical relics in Cao Bang province located in the historical relic of Pac Bo. This historical relic related profoundly to the life and career of Great Leader of Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh. This was the working and staying a place of Uncle Ho after 30 years of living abroad. Lenin stream and Pac Bo cave are two familiar destinations of Vietnamese children.

Apart from the historical meaning, this site also has beautiful and majestic landscapes with green mountains, cool stream, etc. Located in the pristine forest, the relic brings a cool windy temperate and always fragrant forest flowers.

Cao Bang

Lenin stream

Thang Hen lake

Thang Hen lake is the largest fresh-water lake among 36 fresh-water lakes in Tra Linh district, Cao Bang province. In order to admire the beauty of Thang Hen lake, you have to wake up early and come to the lake in the early morning when the sun is rising from the mountains, the lake owns the view-angle scene at this moment. At this time, the lake surface is like a mirror covered by a crystal color looming by the mountains around. Everything seems very peaceful.

Thang Hen lake has the stone cliffs, climbing on the cliffs, you can easily see the huge wooden trees and wild orchids. This is home to many wild animals.

Cao Bang specialties

Ant Egg cake

Speaking of Cao Bang specialties, it is a shortage to miss Ant Egg cake or banh trung kien. During the time of April and May annually, Tay people in Cao Bang province go into the forest and seek for the black ant egg to make ant egg cake. This kind of cake is made of glutinous rice flour, ant egg and young leaves of fig tree. 

Khao cake 

If Thai Binh province is famous for “banh cay”, Thanh Hoa has “che lam”, Cao Bang also has “banh khao”. Made of glutinous rice flour, pork, peanut and processed through many stages, banh khao has a delicious smell which is known as a rustic dish but contains a strong attraction.

Cao Bang tram sticky rice

When traveling in Cao Bang, the dish that tourists should try is dishes made from Tram fruit, in which the most delicious is Cao Bang tram sticky rice. When the autumn comes, Tay and Nung ethnic groups in the Northeast go to the forest to collect tram fruits. In autumn, going to the villages of the compatriots will have the opportunity to enjoy the tram sticky rice dish.

Cao Bang is not only a land of strategic defense of Vietnam but also a beautiful land favored by many natural landscapes. Don’t hesitate to come to Cao Bang to witness of nature, especially Ban Gioc waterfalls.

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