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Lang Son is an amazing and attractive destination in Vietnam with a lot of places for traveling.

1/ General information

Lang Son is a mountainous province in the Northeast region, located at the crossroads of national highways 1A, 1B, 4A, 4B, 279, which is a node of economic exchange with western provinces such as Cao Bang and Thai Nguyen, Bac Kan, and Quang Ninh province in the east. In the south, the place borders Bac Giang, Bac Ninh, Hanoi capital and the north are adjacent to China with 2 international border gates, 2 national border gates and 7 pairs of border markets.

Lang Son

Lang Son is a province with a great advantage in developing the tourism industry, because of its rich combination, harmony between geographical location, nature, history, and people. Lang Son is a border area and a border gate in the north of Vietnam. It is located on a very convenient road connecting Hanoi capital, often attracting tourists to visit, exchange between Vietnam and China.

In addition, nature has given Lang Son many caves, natural forest mountains and beautiful landscapes with a cool, pleasant summer climate which is considered an ideal holiday destination for travelers. Remote visitors come to Tam Thanh cave, Nhi Thanh cave, To Thi mountain, Mau Son tourist area.

Lang Son is also famous for many historical sites such as the land of Muc Nam Quan, O Chi Lang, and the Mac's Citadel who have witnessed battles against the invaders during the process of building and maintaining the country, or Bac Son Revolutionary base. People need to indulge in hospitality with festivals, cultural traditions that make Lang Son an attractive tourist destination for tourists.

2/ Best time for traveling to Lang Son

To have a pleasant and safe trip to Lang Son, you just need to be aware that if you come to Lang Son during the rainy season which is equivalent to the summer time of the North, you need to monitor the weather forecast to avoid it on heavy rains, causing flooding and landslides.

Therefore, you can choose summer weather to rest or winter if you want to watch snow is a good time if you choose to travel to paint. Furthermore, you can also visit January following lunar calendar if you want to participate in the special festivals of Lang Son ethnic groups such as Tam Thanh Pagoda Festival, the Feast of the Fire Festival and etc.

Lang Son

At the end of August and early September, if you want to go to Lang Son to enjoy specialties "na swing" Chi Lang. Around the end of July and the end of November is the season of ripe Bac Son rice, you pay attention to this milestone. At this time, going to Bac Son, hunting golden rice pictures is beautiful.

3/ How to transfer to Lang Son

-          High-quality bus

Lang Son is about 180km northeast of Hanoi and connected to the capital by the Hanoi - Lang Son highway and buses from Hanoi to Lang Son run regularly throughout the day from My Dinh bus station. If you do not want to take a bus or simply want to combine Lang Son phượt with some other places such as Cao Bang, you should run a motorbike from Hanoi, the time of driving is about 4-5 hours depending on the speed of travel. Friends club.

-          Train

From Hanoi station every day, there are trains to Dong Dang, the train originates from Hanoi at 7:05, stops in Lang Son city at 11h20 and the last leg in Dong Dang is 11h40. For those who can't go, cars can choose to go by this train.

-          Motorbike

If you just go to Lang Son to travel, you can choose the option to take a bus up and rent a motorbike in Lang Son city, the motorbike rental locations you can ask at the hotel where you live.

Lang Son cuisine is recognized as the special and attractive cuisine of Vietnam which has typical regional favor with the famous dishes such as roasted duck, roasted pork, khau nhuc, sour noodle.


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