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Thai Nguyen is a mountainous midland province in the north, adjacent to Hanoi and it is famous for the attractive tea specialty all around the country. Furthermore, there are many tourist attractions in Thai Nguyen that you should not ignore when traveling to Thai Nguyen. The land is favored by nature with the beautiful and majestic landscapes. Also, Thai Nguyen is a great place to explore literary and history.

Overview of Thai Nguyen

Thai Nguyen is a province in northeastern Vietnam, adjacent to Hanoi capital and is located in the planning area of ​​Hanoi capital. Thai Nguyen is a major socio-economic center of the northeast region or both the northern midland and mountainous region. Thai Nguyen province was re-established on January 1, 1997, with the separation of Bac Thai province into two provinces of Bac Kan and Thai Nguyen. 

Thai Nguyen has an area of 3,562.82 square kilometers. It borders Bac Kan province in the north, Vinh Phuc and Tuyen Quang provinces in the west, Lang Son, Bac Giang in the east, and the capital city Hanoi in the south. Thai Nguyen province is 50 kilometers from Noi Bai international airport, 200 kilometers from China border, 75 kilometers from Hanoi center, and 200 kilometers from Haiphong port.

With the geographical location as one of the political, economic, and educational centers of the Northeastern region in particular and in the northern midland area in general, Thai Nguyen is the gateway for socio-economic exchanges between the midland mountainous area and the northern delta. Thai Nguyen is considered the 3rd largest human resource training center after Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. 

Thai Nguyen

Thai Nguyen

The climate of Thai Nguyen

Climate Thai Nguyen divided two distinct seasons:

  • Hot summer is rainy and wet from May to October. Rain often concentrates heavily in August.
  • Winter is cold and dry from November to April next year. The coldest month is usually in January

Located in the humid subtropical climate zone, due to the terrain, the Thai Nguyen climate in winter is divided into 3 distinct areas:

  • The coldest area is located in the north of Vo Nhai district.
  • The cold area includes Dinh Hoa district, Phu Luong district, and southern Vo Nhai districts.
  • The arm area includes Thai Nguyen city, Song Cong city, Pho Yen town and Dong Hy district, Phu Binh district and Dai Tu district.

Thai Nguyen tourism

Nui Coc lake

Nui Coc lake in the south of Dai Tu district, about 15 km west of Thai Nguyen city center, is a natural landscape associated with the legendary love story about a couple named Cong Coc. Too much suffering for an unsuccessful love, the girl cried so much and her tears dropped into the river, and the boy turned into the mountain for waiting.

Standing in front of the lake, visitors can feel the vastness of the lake. Nui Coc Lake is like a giant mirror illuminating all things, creating a fanciful shimmering scene in the light sun.

Thai Nguyen

Nui Coc lake

Tan Cuong tea hills

Tan Cuong tea hill is a familiar name of Tan Cuong specialty tea area, concentrating mainly in 3 communes of Tan Cuong, Phuc Xuan, Phuc Trieu, with tea growing area spread over 1,300ha. It is not only famous for its fine and delicious tea products but also has beautiful natural landscapes, poetic mountains, and rivers and is close to Nui Coc tourist area.

Located 10km from the center of Thai Nguyen city to the southwest, Tan Cuong is blessed with natural scenery. The tea trees are grown on gentle hills, facing the sunrise to absorb the essence of the air. From a distance, tea hills like giant lizards are drying themselves under the golden sun of the north. Perhaps so, the hills here are named by the people as the Lizard Hill.

ATK Dinh Hoa relics

ATK Dinh Hoa relics is located in the center of Viet Bac area which used to the temporary capital of Vietnam during the period of 1946 - 1954. This base is located in Dinh Hoa district in the far north of Thai Nguyen province.

Thai Nguyen

ATK Dinh Hoa relic

Phoenix cave, Mo Ga stream

Located on the left of Highway 1B Thai Nguyen - Lang Son (km 42) on a large rock of Phoenix mountain range in Phu Thuong commune, Vo Nhai district, Phoenix cave is a large casto cave with the strange beauty. The air in the cave is fresh and cool. The bottom of the cave has clear water and fine white sand banks along the shore. In the heart of the cave, many stalactites are made up of natural pillars with many shapes like the sky, mothers hold babies, dancers, elephants. In the middle of the cave is a huge stalactite block of phoenix shape in a majestic wing posture. This emulsion is also the reason for the cave named Phoenix and is woven into a fairy tale about the common love of the Phoenix birds.

At the foot of Phoenix mountain is Mo Ga stream flowing through the cave. Because the cave is quite wide and deep, the cave gate is turned into a waterfall with white foam among big rocks and then poured into Phu Thuong field to create a charming landscape.

Duom temple

Duom Mountain, formerly called Diem Son, is adjacent to National Highway 3, 24 km from the center of Thai Nguyen city to the northwest. Dai Nam Nhat Thong Chi book ranked Diem Son as the scenic spot of Thai Nguyen land.

From afar to look at it, Duom mountain appears with six rocky mountains like six dragon heads. The mountain in the east looks like a "stone tower" that pokes straight into the blue sky. The vertical cliffs covered with moss create a very ancient look. Around the mountain, there are many ancient trees with a diameter of more than one meter.

At the foot of the mountain in the northeast, there is a sacred famous temple worshiping the famous Duong Tu Minh - Phu Luong district leader, son-in-law of the Ly dynasties.

Than Sa archaeological relic site

According to National Highway 1B, archaeological relics belong to Than Sa commune, Vo Nhai district, 40 km from Thai Nguyen city to the north. It was in the caves of this place, from the 1970s to the end of the 80s, that archaeologists discovered and identified a new archaeological culture - "Than Sa Culture", dating back to 30,000 years, it was first found in Southeast Asia, attracting the attention of numerous scientists in the countries.

Besides that, Thai Nguyen also has many beautiful tourist spots for tourists to admire such as Ha pagoda, Linh Son cave, Nam Rut waterfalls, etc.

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