Go Lao waterfall - the highlight between heaven and earth

Go Lao waterfall - the highlight between heaven and earth

If you are in love with the poetic and wild natural scenery in Hoa Binh, don’t miss the attraction of Go Lao waterfall - a masterpiece of nature on earth.

Hoa Binh is famous for the curvy lines with the primary scenery, becoming an appealing destination to people, especially to those who have a passion for adventure.

Hoa Binh is full of romantic forests, poetic lakes, and beautiful waterfalls between sky and earth. Of which, Go Lao is a small yet fascinating waterfall expressing a pristine and rustic beauty.

Way to visit Go Lao waterfall

To explore Go Lao waterfall from Hanoi, from Highway 6, tourists turn right at the foot of the White Rock hill, Phu Cuong commune (Tan Lac district), then follow the new asphalt road connecting to the district, and go more than 20 kilometers.

The road to get to Go Lao waterfall is not too far and very easy, convenient if tourists go by motorcycle. There is only a small rugged and rocky section, but it is not significant.

Even going by bicycles, tourists also can come here, but this way will cause them a lot of energy when going up and down to the hills. However, the scenery is very beautiful.

Right on the route, in the early morning, when the clouds have not dissipated yet, under the sunlight is the light green fields lying near the majestic mountains, creating a very beautiful picture of the harmony.

Go Lao waterfall

Go Lao waterfall

Go Lao waterfall is right next to the road crossing through. It is the local people's road, so it is very quiet and devious. Running along the flank with one side are rivers and streams will give visitors a great feeling with stilt houses, brocade, barbecue, and bamboo-tube rice in Mai Chau.

The way down to the waterfall is small steps with bamboo handrails made by a local family living nearby. Therefore, just paying a small fee for car deposit, travelers can conveniently go and discover Go Lao waterfall.

The pristine beauty of Go Lao waterfall

Go Lao waterfall, also called Go Mu waterfall, is a beautiful spot located in Phuc San commune, Mai Chau district, Hoa Binh province, approximately 15 kilometers away from Mai Chau town.

Go Lao is about 20 meters high. Along the path down to the foot of the waterfall, travelers will see vast water in one side of the hydroelectric lake, and in the other side is a soft waterfall flowing like white silk which spreads on the flank, making this one of the reasons why you should definitely travel Mai Chau.

The winding road runs from the foot of Thung Khe hill (or White Rock hill) down to the Ba Khan valley with small, short sloping sections and quite bad roads which challenge the driver.

The scenery along the road to the waterfall is a series of lively and beautiful images. At the foot of the mountain are the beautiful houses of the Muong people, the maize trees growing among the cat-ear rocks, the majestic and romantic Ba Khan lake, and the straight bamboo forests.

Go Lao waterfall is located at the foot of the mountain, near the edge of the Hoa Binh hydroelectric lake. It is a highlight in the green forest, like a soft white and eye-catching silk.

Go Lao waterfall pours white streams all days and nights, roaring and bubbling over all the canyons. From a few kilometers away, visitors can hear the excited calling of the waterfall. The waterfall in the flow season is beautiful with full of water, rising up all days to whiten the foot of the waterfall.

The scenery in Go Lao waterfall

The scenery in Go Lao waterfall

Furthermore, Go Lao waterfall has undulating rocks, creating a unique landscape here. At the foot, under the roaring water flow, a clear lake as a mirror shows up and reflects the shining clouds.

Visitors freely bathe in the stream, join in the cool nature of the Northwest, and admire the majestic yet peaceful scenery of the waterfall.

According to people here, it is the result of the "marriage" between the two streams Thung Cang and Phieng Xa. For visitors who have fallen in love with Go Lao waterfall, they give praise for it and call it the masterpiece of nature. No matter which season, the fresh water on the waterfall is still bending with a white color among the endless blue forest.

TIP: Leaving Go Lao waterfall, running deeper along the river, tourists will see the direction to Ba Khan valley - heaven with diverse beautiful landscapes.

There are several boats for people to travel on Da river on beautiful days when the water is quieter. A trip on the river costs only a few hundred thousand VND, but you will have the opportunity to explore the fanciful and peaceful scene here.

Go Lao - a beautiful and unexploited waterfall is really a suitable destination for young people to discover and enjoy the natural beauty. We make sure that exploring Go Lao waterfall will bring interesting experiences for you. Please like and share if the article is helpful for you. Thank you.