Pom Coong Village

Pom Coong Village

Pom Coong is a Thai village located in the heart of Mai Chau tourist area. This village still preserves the traditional culture and lifestyle of Thai people where tourists can stay overnight and explore profoundly the cultural beauty of the Thai group.

Overview of Pom Coong village

Pom Coong village belongs to Mai Chau town, Mai Chau district. Like other villages of the Muong, Thai, the citizens of Pom Coong village often live in the area which has rivers, streams. The Thai is famous for traditional dance.

The name of Pom Coong village is very unique and meaningful, in Thai language, Pom is the hill, Coong is the drum, Pom Coong means the village of the hills lying on the big drum. Today, Pom Coong village has nearly 70 households with more than 300 inhabitants living together happily and harmoniously.

Pom Coong Village

Pom Coong village

Unique cultural features of Thai people in Pom Coong village

Different from stilted houses of other ethnic, stilted house of the Thai often taller than other ones so it always creates spacious and comfortable. The floor of the Thai stilted house is often 2 meters high from the ground. The window in the house has a big size. At the foot of the stilted house, the Thai girls are making brocade, bags, and clothes to attract tourists. The souvenir is various and beautiful with vivid color which makes stilted houses become more attractive.

In particular, the "pure Thai" space here gives visitors a sense of peace and safety. When the mist faded away, the village appeared with its inherent rustic beauty, that is the familiar activities of citizens here such as the sound of young children calling each other to the school, the women weaving the brocade in the looms or the farmer carrying the hoe to work in the fields.

Pom Coong village becomes more attractive spots for tourists when having Mai Chau tour 2 days. It is interesting to walk or bike on clean roads in the village to inhale the fresh aroma of the early morning as the dew is melting. When the sunshine spreads through the corners of the village, you should hire a Thai national costume to take the best photos with great scenery here. Surely you will not be able to forget the picture of the stilted houses in the smoke among the winding village roads when standing on a distant hill looking at the village at sunset.

Finally, there is nothing more fun when the sun is completely hidden after the mountains, the fire is on, visitors are immersed in the music, the dance with the can wine and enjoy specialties of Thai people such as grilled pork with doi nuts, glutinous sticky rice, banana flower salad... One day in Pom Coong, visitors not only immerse in the nature and lifestyle of Pom Coong but also find a rare, peaceful feeling.

Pom Coong Village

Pom Coong village from afar

Guesthouse in Pom Coong village

Traveling to Pom Coong Village is mainly foreigners, who like to explore the life and culture of the Thai people in particular and the ethnic minorities in general. Besides enjoying the tranquil and peaceful natural scenery, tourists also immerse themselves in the unique culture of the ethnic minority here such as spreading dances, gong festivals, sleep on the floor, drink wine. So, they really want to stay together with local people to learn the daily lifestyle of local people. That causes a new form of accommodation in Pom Coong that tourists will stay and eat with family owners as a proper family member.

As far as eating is concerned, all guesthouses in the villages offer food at quite reasonable prices and varying standards. If they don't live up to your expectations there is little option other than to track back into town to try the local restaurants. Be warned though you will struggle to find anything of outstanding worth there.

Stay overnight fee: 50.000vnd/people

Pom Coong Village

Pom Cong sourvenir

Below are some good review homestays and guesthouses in Pom Coong village:

1. Mai Chau Countryside Homestay

Address: No. 30 Pom Coong, Mai Chau, Hoa Binh

Phone: 0164 423 5140

2. Tu Nhung Homestay

Address: No. 16 Pom Coong village, Mai Chau, Hoa Binh

Phone: 0164 894 8642

3. Homestay No 2 Pom Coong

Address: Pom Coong, Mai Chau, Hoa Binh

Phone: 091 580 44 80

4. Homestay 14 Pom Coong

Address: 14 Pom Coong, Mai Chau, Hoa Binh

Phone: 096 551 99 16

5. Doan Kien Homestay

Address: Pom Coong, Mai Chau, Hoa Binh

Phone: 0166 870 9530

Together with Lac village, Pom Coong village is a combination of the magnificent and exquisite beauty of forest, mountains, and unique cultural identity. And above all, the friendly local people with the beautiful dance and lively lifestyle that captivated the hearts of tourists. If you need any information about Pom Coong village or Mai Chau bike tour, please contact us. Thank you and have a great trip!