Must-try dishes in Mai Chau

Must-try dishes in Mai Chau

When one talks about Mai Chau – Hoa Binh, it’s deficient if we don’t mention the culinary culture here.

These dishes are the essence of Thai ethnicity that you should not miss when traveling there.

In this post, we're going to introduce to you 10 must-try dishes here. 

What to eat in Mai Chau?

  1. Bamboo-tubed rice
  2. Chicken 
  3. Grilled pork meat
  4. Can wine
  5. Stir-fried bees with bamboo shoots
  6. Glutinous rice
  7. Sour meat
  8. Muong pork
  9. Bitter bamboo shoots
  10. Grapefruit leave roll

Com Lam (Bamboo-tube rice)

It’s Mai Chau signature dish that every visitor would like to try. The ingredients to make this dish include rice, banana leaves, and bamboo tube. There are also sliced coconut and coconut milk.

Bamboo used to make this dish called “Pa Nga” is small and straight. The rice is washed and soaked in water for 2-3 hours and then out into a bamboo tube and grilled.

Thai women must be extremely skilled to be able to make this delicious dish. When baking, you must turn evenly and thoroughly, so that the rice is not blessed or too dull.

The indispensable ingredient when eating bamboo-tube rice is “cham cheo” – a traditional spice of Thai people. In addition, you can eat with sesame salt.

Must-try dishes in Mai Chau

Com lam

Chicken (Ga Doi)

This is a very popular dish for many tourists buy if you want to eat the barbecue gritty chicken, take a tour mai chau 1 day to try it.

Chickens are usually raised by industrial methods by farmers. However, they are fed only a small amount of food each day. They have to run up to the hill to find food by themselves. Therefore, the chicken’s legs are especially delicious. They are not as big as the normal chickens but the meat is firm and fragrant.

The chicken is baked in charcoal without smoke or steamed with lemon leaves. Tearing each piece of chicken along with the “cham cheo” will create excellent taste. The price of baked chicken ranges from 300.00 to 350.000.

Grilled pork meat

Pigs are fed with food and vegetables without stimulants. The meat is marinated in spices, margins and rinse then grilled on charcoal. The meat is cooked slowly, melted and turned into yellow color. This dish can be eaten with “cham cheo”.

Grilled pork is an attractive option to be enjoyed by many visitors. People choose the best pieces of meat then marinate with a variety of different spices: salt, chili powder, citronella, lime leaves, ginger, turmeric, and vinegar. After 30 minutes, they will grill that meat.

Can Wine

In every Lunar New Year, the people in the village gather around the warm wine jar. According to the Thai tale, Can wine is made by the cleverness of the daughter-in-law.

The alcohol is prepared meticulously with ginger, herbal medicine, fruits and many kinds of forest leaves with oil. The wine is made from grains such as cassava, glutinous rice, berry seeds and nuts.

The ingredients are fermented into the pot or jar. The longer time the wine is, the more delicious it is. People do not drink alcohol from cups or bowls. They use one-meter-long bamboo sticks that are flicked, straightened and pierced through the intestine then bent into the wine bottle.

Must-try dishes in Mai Chau

Can wine 

Stir-fried bees with bamboo shoots

Jungle bee and bamboo shoot are two gifts of nature so this perfect combination creates a bold flavor of Mai Chau. At the end of the summer season, the bees harvested by the local people fried with bamboo shoots create the greasy and sweet aroma. The spicy taste makes anyone who has tried once unforgettable.

Mai Chau glutinous rice

After 4-5 hours being soaked and drained, the rice will be put on the pot dropped enough water, covered then boiled. This dish is often cooked on the holidays, festivals and the new rice day.

Sour meat

This dish is like a typical meat salad but has a completely different flavor. The meat here is beef, not the pork as usual.

The processing is more elaborate and needs more materials. The most important thing is the sauce that brings the unique taste of Lac Village.

The boiled “man” pork

One of the specialties that creates the brand of Mai Chau is the “man” pork. There are many ways to make dishes from “man” pig but the most impressed dish is boiled pork. Those who have tried this food once will never forget it. It is eaten with roasted salt and beans.

Bitter bamboo shoots

There are a lot of bitter bamboo shoots in Mai Chau in the rainy season, so it becomes a popular dish in every meal.

There are many ways to prepare bitter gourmet dishes such as frying, boiling, stewing or grilling. Anyway, bitter bamboo shoots is still a favorite dish here, a very pleasant experience of this peaceful land.

Must-try dishes in Mai Chau

Bitter bamboo shoots

Grapefruit leaves roll

It’s a very simple dish but promises to bring a very unique flavor. This dish is made from pork marinated in the spices and then roll the grapefruit leaves to grill on charcoal.

The ingredients are not too special but it will bring you a very impressive mark of Mai Chau when taking best mai chau tour.

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