Needed experience when trekking in the forest

Needed experience when trekking in the forest

For those who love the type of forest tourism, summer is considered the ideal time to start an exciting trip. Not only provides tourists with the adventure experience, forest tour also help them to be in harmony with nature and the beautiful, wild, peaceful, and mysterious scenery. However, to ensure a safe journey, travelers should equip themselves with the necessary experience in forests before commencing the journey.


For a true forest tour, you should choose a primary forest for the beauty of wild and diverse fauna and flora. Also, you should know in advance about the location, safe level, and weather conditions of the selected area and should inform to your relatives, friends about the place, plan and time staying there in order to prevent risks during the trip.

Besides, health is a very important factor for successful travel, so let’s prepare yourself for a good health and exercise regularly before the trip. Climbing requires the flexibility and endurance of your feet, so caring about your feet tidily to minimize the muscle strain and cramps.

For dressing experience in forests, you should wear the loose and comfortable clothing. If traveling in the summer, choose a T-shirt inside and a long-sleeved jacket to prevent scratches while avoiding the cold due to sweat or wind. Besides, a waterproof backpack, a pair of soft shoes, and a hat are also essential.

In addition, the items that you can bring along in the forest trip are knives, axes, tents, sleeping bags, flashlights, batteries, cameras, lighters, raincoat, and a pot for cooking. The important medical supplies and foods are medications, insect sprays, drinking water, canned food, and noodles.

Needed experience when trekking in the forest

Things you should pack


Time can be travel in the forest is from 6.00 a.m to 4.00 p.m. This is the time to settle down and cook rice for dinner. Before going, you need to dress carefully and discreetly.

You should go in groups to avoid getting lost and easily support each other when necessary. If you travel in a dense area, you should mark the passage as simple as possible to avoid returning to the old one. If there are obstacles on the way, the first person must notify the next one. During the trip, you should hire a local resident who is fluent in the terrain to guide the trip. They will help you avoid getting lost, find the shortcuts, and can communicate when meeting the ethnic minorities.

For staying experience in forests, you better choose campsite location near the river and stream, which is far from the residential area about 15 kilometers. In the evening, sleeping in the forest, you have to make a fire to keep yourself safe and secure from the dangerous animals. Besides, the temperature at night in the forest will decrease so the fire will also warm your body up.

Eating in the forest, you need to eat cooked foods to avoid food poisoning or abdominal pain. Breakfast is the most important meal so you have to eat well to provide enough energy to continue the trip to the mountains. For lunch, you can eat fast food such as dry food, bread, etc, to fight hunger. Also, drink plenty of water to supplement energy for the journey. However, you should limit the use of sweet water which will make you more tired and thirsty.

Needed experience when trekking in the forest

Trekking with local guide

Dealing with problem


Forest contains many unpredictable accidents, requiring you and your teammates to calm down to find a way to handle. In particular, the case of being caught in a wildlife trap or encountering explosives or poachers are often the leading threats. You should stay away from the shack and camp of them and in the case of facing them, just say few sentences before going immediately.

When camping near the river, you should not seek to the top of the waterfalls. If it rains, you must quickly move up to higher to prevent floods, because in the forest, the flood is very sudden and extremely dangerous. If it does not rain, the natural water color turns into the muddy color, and the leaves float down, it is a signal that floods may come.

Needed experience when trekking in the forest

Landscape in Mai Chau trekking route

Insects biting

Insects in the forest are quite common, that is why you should bring insect sprays before traveling and spray around the pants from the knees down. At the same time, put hot liniment around your socks to avoid blood-sucking insect biting. If you are bitten by them, use a sheet of saliva covering the wound to stop the bleeding. Especially, forests have a lot of snakes, you should crush the garlic and mix it with water, sprinkling all around the resting place. If having a snake bite, fasten the upper part of the wound to prevent toxic emissions and get off the mountain as fast as possible. In an emergency, you can make a small incision at the wound and suck the venom.


If you get lost, calm is the key you need to remember to avoid being distracted by your panic, then you should look for trails or follow the flow of water to return downstream. In addition, you can burn fires to create smoke or emit sounds so people could find you easily.

If you get lost, while you have nothing to eat and drink, you can eat wild fruits, drink water from the leaves, and absolutely not eat the poisonous colorful mushrooms.

For a safe and convenient trip to explore the forest, those travel experiences in forests of skills and equipment are extremely indispensable. In Vietnam, you can also conquer the mountain and forest with a Mai Chau trekking tour in which you will be fully supplied from best time to visit Mai Chauwhere to go in Mai Chau to Mai Chau’s specialties. If this is helpful for you, please like and share with others. Thank you.