Guides for discovering Mai Chau for 2 days 1 night

For those who love to immerse in nature, majestic mountains, peaceful villages or want to meet lovely ethnic people and learn about their unique culture, Mai Chau is an ideal destination. You are planning to travel Mai Chau for 2 days but still do not know what to pack for a trip to mai chau, what to do in mai chau or what to see in mai chau full day, this post is exactly what you are looking for. Here are some our tips that may be helpful for your upcoming trip.

What to bring when traveling to mai chau

Clothes: The weather in Mai Chau is cool all year round but it is a bit colder at night than the day, so you should bring long-sleeved clothes to wear at night. Due to one of the best and most popular way to discover Mai Chau is walking, it is necessary to prepare sneakers or sport shoes instead of high heels.

Identification documents: Most of the guesthouses, hotels in Mai Chau require you to show ID card when check-in (you also can show passport instead). If you want to rent a motorbike to explore Mai Chau, remember to bring driving license.

Personal belongings: Glasses, gauze masks, towels, gloves, shoes,… are must-have items in your backpack. You also do not forget to bring cameras, smartphone to capture the beautiful moments.

Snacks: You will have to walk a lot so preparing some snacks like milk, chocolate, candies, fresh fruits,… is very necessary.

How to reach Mai Chau

If you are a backpacker and want to be more adventurous, you can reach Mai Chau by motorbike. Compared to coach, getting by motorbike, you will be more active and can stop at anywhere you want. If you decided to reach Mai Chau by motorbike, to discover more, you should depart from Hanoi at 6 am and come to Mai Chau at 10:30 am.

However, for safer, you also can go to by the coach. The coaches going to Mai Chau often pick passengers up at My Dinh Station.

Places to stay

Mai Chau offers a wide range of accommodation from budget to luxury so you do not need to worry much about this problem. To be more convenient and save money during your mai chau tour 2 days 1 night, you can book hotel in advance. If you want to stay in a luxury hotel, Mai Chau Sunrise Resort – a new 3-star hotel will be an ideal choice. Otherwise, for those who want to learn more about culture and daily life of ethnic people, you should stay at mai chau friendly homestay or guesthouses. The price for a stilt house ranges from 500,000 – 600,000 VND/night.

Things to do and see

If you are wondering about what to do in mai chau vietnam, there are so many exciting things for you to explore. If you travel to Mai Chau in October – December, you will be immersed in the beautiful scenery of spring, of peach and plum blossoms. March and April are the season of Ban flowers, a typical flower of Mai Chau.

Thung Khe Pass (White Rock Pass): You will go through the pass before getting to Mai Chau Town. This is the road that all backpackers want to conquer at least once in their lives. Thung Khe Pass is also an ideal place to see Mai Chau from above.

Lac and Pom Coong Village are two biggest and most crowded villages of Mai Chau. If you want to rent homestays, buy souvenirs or discover the culture, festivals, and life of ethnic people, let’s visit two villages.

Mo Luong and Chieu Cave are two large and majestic caves of Mai Chau. The most interesting thing to explore of these caves is the thousands-years-old stalactites with the variety of shapes and colors. Let’s go and discover all the beauty of these caves, you will definitely surprise.

Other destinations you can take a visit if you have enough time: Van Village, Nhot Village, terraced fields, Mai Chau Flag Tower,…

Where to eat

You can eat right at the hotel, homestay which you are staying or visiting Mai Chau market to enjoy specialties of ethnic people here. According to our experience, if you stay at a local homestay, you should eat right at there, they will serve you the authentic dishes of local people at the reasonable price. Moreover, the Mai Chau market is not opened all day.

Some dishes you must try during you Mai Chau trip are Com Lam, Sticky Rice, Muong Pork, Bitter Bayby Bamboo, Hill Chicken, Grilled fish

The above are all our travel guides for discovering Mai Chau for 2 days 1 night. Hopefully, these guides will help you have a safe and great trip to Mai Chau.

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