4 days around Hanoi

4 days around Hanoi

While Hanoi brings an ancient yet vibrant look, the Northwest offers us a majestic, wild beauty and unique mountainous culture. Let’s see what I’ve enjoyed here.

The more I discover this country, the more I am curious. The more I learn, the more I love it!

Our wonderful trip

We went on a motorbike trekking for four days.

Itinerary: Hanoi to Tam Dao, Tam Dao to Mai Chau via Hanoi, Mai Chau to Cuc Phuong, and Cuc Phuong back to Hanoi on Tuesday. 
Hours on the road: approximately 15 hours, and 400km.

We left Hanoi on Saturday at 9 am for our first destination, Tam Dao, 80 km up to the Northeast of Hanoi. Mani and I were on a motorbike and Adelaide on the other. And a guy called Nicky, an English lad, who is Root's friend on a third motorbike.

There was a football game between the local team (Tam Dao - the team I suppose) and an expat team called The Roots, named after the bar in Hanoi! Yes, I came to Vietnam to see some white expats playing football!

Tam Dao town

Tam Dao Town

Tam Dao Town

We arrived in Tam Dao at around 12. From my point of view, I thought the small town was a breath of fresh air!

We had dinner at the hotel and a couple of drinks! It was fun as always.

Then from the top of the Cun Mountain, you can admire the superb panorama of Mai Chau. A green valley and stilt houses surround it. Many minorities, including the Thai ethnic group, live there.

You don’t sleep in Mai Chau, but just outside there are these little villages of the Thai minority.

We slept in one of the guesthouses owned by one Thai family.

The houses are quite large, two stories. The roof is made of palm leaf and the floors from bamboo. The kitchen is located in the center of the house; it was weird yet interesting finding out that the cooking, as well as the making of the colorful clothes, take place in the kitchen. Each house also has a pond, where they raise fish, season and they end up eating later.

We were fortunate, it should be the only tourists in the village. So for once the attraction of the village people!

Move to Mai Chau

Mai Chau

Mai Chau

We arrived at Mai Chau around 18h. We went to visit the family of Manu’s friend! He works in Hanoi, but his family lives in the countryside, and every time Manu comes to this part of the country he always has dinner with them!

And what an experience! First of all, you eat for eating fresh! The guy is a chicken went back to the neighbor, to kill his wife, the bald and turns it into small flat edible!

Then the men of the families with the help of a net have plunged into their small lake to fish on the fly fish that would be roasted on the same evening!

And as if that were not enough, the son arrived with 4 liters of rice wine! Local alcohol, strong enough, odorless, colorless, but then it is assured the tear!

(to be continued)

Have a wonderful day Beirut


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