Mai Chau - The most famous destinations tourists should not miss out

Only about 140km from Hanoi and 60km northwest of Hoa Binh Province, Mai Chau is always an attractive destination of Vietnam thanks to its poetic scenery, unique cultural identity and many exciting things to do like trekking, cycling,…

You are planning to travel Mai Chau and still do not know where to go in Mai Chau?

Our suggestions below will be helpful for you.

Where to visit in Mai Chau?

  1. Thung Khe Pass
  2. Mai Chau Flag Tower
  3. Lac Village
  4. Pom Coong Village
  5. Chieu Cave
  6. Mo Luong Cave
  7. Go Lao Waterfall
  8. Van Village
  9. Thai Ethnic Museum

Thung Khe Pass

The first one in the list of must-visit destinations in Mai Chau that we want to introduce to you is Thung Khe Pass or White Rock Pass. Owning the breathtaking beauty like the hills in Northern Europe, it is actually an attraction that tourists cannot ignore during the trip in Mai Chau. Visiting Thung Khe Pass, it seems that you are traveling to a European country in the winter with the impressive scenery of white rock mountains and fog. Standing at the peak of Thung Khe Pass, you will be enjoyed the typical cool fresh air of Mai Chau and amazing panoramic view of the valley at the foot of the pass. White Rock Pass is also considered the best place to take mai chau trekking tour in Hoa Binh.

Mai Chau Flag Tower

Crossing Thung Khe Pass, you will definitely be overwhelmed with bright sunshine when standing at Mai Chau Flag Tower. From there, you can admire the 360 view of the valley from above covered with rice paddy fields. Traveling to Mai Chau without check-in at Flag Tower is really a big mistake.

Lac Village

If you still wondering about where to visit mai chau, Ban Lac (Lac Village) is also an attractive destination you should not miss. It is known as a highlight of Hoa Binh tourism. Lac Village is the living place of 5 clans of Thai people, Ha, Lo, Vi, Mac, Loc. With hundreds of old stilt houses, Ban Lac has the harmonious combination of tradition and modernity. Coming to the village, you can feel free to check in, take nice photos with the old stilt houses, brocade shops as well as learn more about culture and life of ethnic people.

Pom Coong Village

Nestled in the valley of Mai Chau, Pom Coong is quite near Lac Village. The village has about 64 700-years-old stilt houses of ethnic minorities. Pom Coong means “a village located on the hills lying on a big drum”. According to ancient tradition, people built stilt houses close together in order to chat and visit each other easily.

Ethnic people living in Pom Coong village mainly earn living by growing rice and weaving. This is also the place where you can buy the unique and lovely souvenirs made by local people such as towels, brocade skirts, bags,… Like Lac Village, Pom Coong is also the best place to immerse and learn the traditional culture of ethnic minorities.

Chieu Cave

An interesting that tourists also should not ignore during mai chau hoa binh tour is Chieu Cave. Located in the southwest of Mai Chau town, the cave’s entrance is about 10 – 15 meters wide, 30 meters high. Considered a “black pearl” of mysterious Mai Chau, Chieu Cave is a famous cultural destination of this town. From Mai Chau Town, you have to conquer 1,200 steps to reach the cave. In the afternoon, when the sun shines on, stalactites in the caves sparkling like a heavenly cave.

Mo Luong Cave

Mo Luong Cave is located in the heart of Pu Kha Mountain, about 61km northwest of Hoa Binh City. The main gate is situated in Mai Chau Town by road and the side entrance is in Chieng Chau Commune by waterway. Mo Luong Cave is a natural cave, undergoing the process of water erosion, forming the beautiful stalactites. Surrounded by green forest, river and poetic Thai villages, the beauty of Mo Luong will certainly convince you to take time to explore.

Go Lao Waterfall

Go Lao is a small waterfall located in Phuc San Commune, Mai Chau. The waterfall pouring down creates the amazing scenery that is ideal to take nice photos. About 15km from Mai Chau Town, Go Lao Waterfall looks like a soft white silk, eye-catching and standing out among the green bamboo forest.

Van Village

Van Village is a new tourist destination located near Mai Chau Town. Although the village is not crowded and busy as Lac Village, it impresses with the beautiful terraced fields along the road leading to the village. The village also has a park growing canola flowers. Staying here overnight and getting up early in the next morning to see the sunrise is an unforgettable experience you should try.

Thai Ethnic Museum

Thai Ethnic Museum is the place displaying the ancient Thai artifacts that are collected by Mr. Kien to express love with his wife. Coming here, you will have the opportunity to see the ancient items of Thai people such as hunting tools, bowls, antique coins,…

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