Top 5 useful skills when going to the forest

Top 5 useful skills when going to the forest

You are the person who likes to go to the forest and explore many exciting things about nature and wild animals in the forest. However, many people do not know the skills when you are in the forest. What do you think about it? Don't worry! If you take Mai Chau trekking tours, you will be provided the best skills when going to the forest.


The preparation plays a vital role before going to the forest. You should bring with yourself the needed items such as a backpack with multi compartments, the costumes used when going to the forest (1-2 sets) (rubber shoes, socks, clothes, hats, and etc.), torches, knives, scissors, spoons, plastic cups, a compass, lighters, a raincoat, medicines, and etc. You should bring the number of medicines and other items depending on the number of days in the forest.

When moving in the forest

The time from 6:00 am to 4:00 pm is suitable for tourists to go around the forest. After 4:00 pm, it is dark; therefore, it will be time for you to camp and cook a meal. Before going to the forest, you will get dressed carefully. Besides, please rent a local person to explore the forest with you because he knows well about the forest, he can help you have a nice trip in the forest. Besides, you should wear sandals in the wet season and shoes in the dry season. Next, the important thing is that you should apply for anti-bugs medicine and bring a stick to help you go to the forest without slipping.

prepare carefully when trekking in the forest

Prepare carefully when trekking in the forest

When having meals in the forest

Even though you go to the forest, you still have to have three meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You should be full for breakfast because this meal is essential to give you energy for a long day. The lunch is usually had when you are moving; therefore, the food such as dry food and cake will be brought. Going to the forest will make you tired so you should bring a lot of water, especially energy drink. It is said that ginseng tea is an excellent choice because it will make you strong and less thirsty. And one bottle of ginseng tea is better than four bottles of mineral water.

When sleeping in the forest

To help tourists have a good sleep in the forest, our Mai Chau trek tour recommend you some following useful tips. Firstly, you should choose sturdy branches to hang the hammock. Secondly, you should choose a flat and airy place to sleep not the place with many rocks. Next, the height of hammock should be 0,8m – 1m away from the ground. Moreover, you should make a fire to keep warm and chivy dangerous animals before sleeping.

When being lost in the forest

Besides the careful preparation for the trip to the forest, the skills when you get lost in the forest are very important, and they are considered one of the most important things when you go to the forest. Below are some tips for you.

Things to prepare when going to the forest

Things to prepare when going to the forest

Do not panic when you get lost in the forest

To survive when being lost in the forest, the first thing you need to do is calming yourself down to help yourself live in the forest and call for help. The panic will not help you solve the problem and make your spirit unstable and tired, which can make you get more dangerous in the deep forest. When realizing you have lost, you should stop walking, take a deep breath, and keep calm. The action STOP will be your best choice.

S means “sit down.”

T means “think.”

O means “observe the surrounding.”

P means “prepare for survival by using your materials.”

Need to determine the direction

Any place in the forest can be your strange places; therefore, you should use a cloth or a piece of paper to mark the area you have passed through. You can determine the direction is basing on the direction of the sunrise and sunset, using the compass to find out the exit.

Remember to bring a compass

Remember to bring a compass

Stay in one place

If you feel tired and exhausted, you should stay in one place to relax, which helps you reduce the need for water and food and increase the opportunity to be found. Please sit down and take a rest! If you go into a group, it is not a good idea to separate the group. A lot of people will help one another to solve the problem. Besides, protecting your skin against insects is also very important.

Create a rescue signal

You can create a rescue signal by whistling or shouting. Besides, you can mark the placements so that others can see the signs. For example, you can make a fire to make the signal. Also, you should create a trail with stones and cloths avoiding marking the road with food and fruits because they can attract dangerous wild animals.

Having a nice trip and have good moments when exploring the forest is the thing people love. However, you should bring the necessary things in Mai Chau for traveling which are very useful and essential when you go to the forest. If you have any question, please visit our website and contact us.