“Xoi nep nuong” – the steamed glutinous rice in Mai Chau

“Xoi nep nuong” – the steamed glutinous rice in Mai Chau

Mai Chau is not only famous for its scenic, majestic mountainous and forests but also well-known for Mai Chau’s specialties such as bamboo-tube rice, grilled fish, grilled wild boar. In addition, when referring to Mai Chau - Hoa Binh, perhaps we will definitely think of "Xoi nep nuong" - a kind of steamed glutinous rice in Mai Chau. This is a close and friendly food that Mai Chau people usually wrapped to hand when visitors come here.

When to visit Mai Chau valley

When is the best time to go to Mai Chau Vietnam? Mai Chau is a valley so the climate here is quite pleasant and moderate. The temperature in summer is not too high and in winter is not too low. Therefore, you can visit Mai Chau valley at any time of the year. However, the best time to travel Mai Chau to admire the poetic beauty and explore mountains and forests is the period of March - April and October - December.

“Xoi nep nuong” – the steamed glutinous rice in Mai Chau

March - April: This is the time when a kind of white flower in mountains named Bauhinia Variegata blooms. The weather here is very ideal. In particular, there are many festivals of Thai people in this time. This is also the best time for many visitors to travel to Mai Chau.

October - December: This period is the beginning of winter so the weather is pleasant and cool. Tourists will especially admire the wonderful scenery of plum flowers and peach flowers blossom. It can be said that anyone who has witnessed the sight of "white flowers in the high sky" will also be impressed with the image of the white and pure Mai Chau.

Where is Mai Chau valley?

How to travel from Hanoi to Mai Chau? Located in the West of Hanoi, Mai Chau is the last district of Hoa Binh province. It borders Pu Luong of Thanh Hoa in the south and Moc Chau of Son La in the north. Mai Chau is 150 km from Hanoi so it takes 3 hours to travel by car or 4 hours by motorbike. Mai Chau is suitable for short trips or picnics for the weekend. In particular, one of the specialties that visitors cannot miss when coming to this valley is Mai Chau steamed glutinous rice.

Mai Chau steamed glutinous rice

“Xoi nep nuong” – the steamed glutinous rice in Mai Chau

Mai Chau steamed glutinous rice must be a traditional food of the people here. The reason is that steamed glutinous rice can only be most fragrant and most delicious when cooked from the hands of the Thai woman. And the sticky rice planted on terraced fields in the middle of the mountain. After the glutinous rice is harvested, it will be dried to drain its skin, then the Thai girls will use their hands to put sticky rice into the mortar to peel. Each good grain of glutinous rice will be carried án soaked in many hours continuously to permeate the water and expand. After a period of soaking enough water, the sticky rice has been added to the wooden trays to create a characteristic scent of Mai Chau steamed sticky rice.

How to cook Mai Chau steamed glutinous rice

Under the flame of the northwestern firewoods, steamed glutinous rice gives the special smell of Mai Chau sticky rice. After that, take the sticky rice and put in a basket, stir it thoroughly for a while, and pour it into the wooden steamer to cook the second time. At this time, you are just waiting for the cooked rice. When you felt the fragrance of the sticky rice at the end of the cooked rice, steamed glutinous rice has reached the standard of appearance. For the taste of Mai Chau steamed glutinous rice, when your tongue feels the sweet flavor of sticky rice, this steamed glutinous rice has reached the standard of quality.

Enjoy Mai Chau steamed glutinous rice

When enjoying Mai Chau steamed glutinous rice, this specialty is often accompanied by some other dishes such as grilled wild boar, forest chicken or salty grilled fish with the sweet fragrance. It cannot forget to mention one of the best ingredients and the simple one to enjoy Mai Chau steamed glutinous rice is sesame and salt. This combination will bring the great flavor of sticky rice to the top level.

If anyone once set foot on the Mai Chau Valley to admire the majestic landscapes, no one does not know and eat Mai Chau steamed glutinous rice, even foreign tourists. Mai Chau steamed glutinous rice is not only a special dish of Mai Chau - Hoa Binh in particular but also contributes to the unique Vietnamese cuisine in general. If you want to travel may Chau Trek tour and enjoy this steamed glutinous rice, feel free to contact us via our website. Share it if it is useful to you. Have a nice trip!