Experiencing the campfire in Lac village, Mai Chau

Campfire in Mai Chau is a cultural feature here. When the campfire burned is also time for solidarity rises. People from all places enjoy with the same heartbeat. All the hardships and pressures of life quickly fade away. In here, you can scream without fear of being penalized or laughed at. This is also where love begins for the couples.

Lac village, Mai Chau

Located in the west of Hoa Binh province, adjacent to Moc Chau district, Son La province and Quan Hoa of Thanh Hoa province, Mai Chau valley is the destination of hundreds of thousands of both domestic and foreign tourists each year to immerse themselves to nature and examining the life of the Thai people.

Stilt houses lying in the foot of the mountains (tourismonline.vn)

Lac village is a tourist attraction in Mai Chau. With the advantages of convenient transportation and reasonable prices, it has been chosen by many young people to rest on the holidays or the weekend. Lac village is as a gift of mountains and forests for those who love the peace and quietness to join the rich blue space of the mountains of Hoa Binh forest. It is also a place for a group of friends to go out to explore the lifestyle of the black Thai and white Thai in high places.

With the village of over 700 years old, people in Lac village are mainly black Thai living by raising rice and weaving brocade. Going here, tourists may need some tips for renting a homestay in Lac village. Currently, the village has more than 20 spacious and airy homestays to serve the traveling demands of tourists. Stilt house in the village is high, spacious, and clean which has kept the ancient architecture. These houses are fully equipped with blankets, pillows and other items. Take a walk around the village, various items such as scarves, Thai skirts, wallets, bow, crossbow, bamboo flute, gong, and buffalo horns, etc, are sold there, attracting customers with all colors and shapes. With a Mai Chau trekking tour, tourists also can rent the traditional clothing of Thai people in Mai Chau.

A corner in Lac village (youtube)

Campfire in Lac village - an unforgettable experience

Coming to Lac village, travelers cannot forget the night of the campfire in Mai Chau and the cultural exchanges with the dance of the Thai girls, of the music, barbecue, and wine, which make this place become one of the top Mai Chau tourist attractions. It has become a special cultural feature that only exists in the Lac village, Mai Chau.

People dance together around the campfire (youtube.com)

The most attractive thing when visiting Lac village, Mai Chau is the combination of the campfire nights and cultural exchanges, dancing, and responsive singing. In the village, there are amateur art groups who are always ready to sing and dance to serve Mai Chau tours and to exchange with guests. They are the local boys and girls of all ages, enjoying the arts, dance, and respective songs. Visitors will be immersed in every sentence, every dance and be warm in the sweet wine. This is one of the things that makes Thai people in the Lac village very proud that the cultural activities in their daily lives are not only transferred to tourists in all regions but also the element connecting the Thai ethnic community in Lac village, Mai Chau.

On weekends, the art team of Lac village often organizes special events, gathering all the boys and girls in the village to enjoy. Tourists can see and are also invited to play. But above all, it is the identity of the minority; they dance together, dance for others, and create opportunities for young couples to stand by each other. That is also the attraction of the tour in Lac village, Mai Chau, Hoa Binh.

From where you stay in the village, you can ask the host or people around the area to set a fire, which is located on the empty land on one side of the bridge of Lac village. In the daytime, this area is used to fly kites, play football, etc. In the evening, the place is crowded with visitors dancing, singing around the flames.

The campfire in Mai Chau is implemented by individuals or groups of people rather than the local so each of tourists can make a fire for their own team. If you want to have a campfire for yourself, you should contact the host to book and rent some services such as music, karaoke, food on the spot, etc.

Brilliant view in Lac village at night (youtube.com)

Campfire in Mai Chau (firing at 200 meters far from the stilt house): VND 250,000 (3 carts of woods + land rent) + VND 50,000 for an extra cart of firewood. In addition, the stilt house will serve barbecue for the exchanging night: roasted pork, chicken, corn, potato, and cassava, etc.

Art exchanges: VND 700,000 (performing in the yard which is 100 meters away from the stilt house). 15 people will perform in 2 hours, with traditional performances of Thai and Muong ethnic minorities (sing, dance, scarf dance, paper-fan dance, dance with gong, H’Mong dance, knife dance, Northwestern dance, bamboo dance).

Rental of speakers: VND 400,000/set without any screen and VND 450,000 with a screen.

Lac village, Mai Chau is now a popular destination in the heart of many tourists. In spite of not being a crowded, busy, magnificent, and gorgeous place, all the wildness, nature, and friendliness expressing in the art performance and the campfire activity in Mai Chau have made visitors traveling once cannot forget. If our suggestions are helpful for you, please like and share with others. Thank you.