White Thai minority in Mai Chau

White Thai minority in Mai Chau

I have to start with an apologize cause I don’t have much linguistic inspiration for the moment.  I am too busy with my project of a documentation corner, (I will tell you later about that).

My experiences in Mai Chau

But I don’t want to keep the pictures that I made in the peaceful valley of Mai Chau. 

So just a short story

Mai Chau was on my priority list since the beginning… if you know me a bit then you won’t be surprised that I was immediately excited by reading ” get real experience by staying at a stilt house with the local family”… last Friday I finally “created” some time to get this experience…

The journey from Mai Chau was a challenge and a test for my patience and survival skills.  First was the bus, then a motorcycle to catch another bus, being kicked out in the middle of nowhere and with people around me that were showing me only three fingers ( 3 kilometers, right). I then started to walk, took a ride on the back of a cycle when I was tired, bagged a girl to help me to catch a taxi. I walked again, the lady followed me and picked me up and brought me the next village (3 kilometers but not Mai Chau) and there I found a man that wanted to bring me to Mai Chau on the back of his Xe Om (motorbike), a trip in the dark through the valley and the mountains of more than an hour!

Traditional dance of Thai people

Traditional dance of Thai people

But, don’t worry… everything under control and I reached Mai Chau, booked my coconut carpet on the floor in the house of a local family … the beginning of an amazing experience!

The valley is a source of peace and quietness paddy fields all around; the people still live in stilt houses, and the mountains keep the beauty as a treasure. 

It is one of my favorites in North Vietnam!

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