5 tips to rent cars to Mai Chau

Recently, many individuals and organizations often rent cars to Mai Chau at the weekend or on holiday. However, some trips were not as expected because of the poor quality car hire due to lack of experiences. This article will help you avoid the mistakes and have a good trip with reasonable price.

It’s good if you can negotiate to rent a car at a reasonable price. However, you should be careful with the cheap offers because it can be the old car and lack of safety during the trip.

Tip 1: Negotiate depending on the car rental market price to ensure the safety and service quality.

Hanoi – Mai Chau

Reference prices help you negotiate a reasonable price with the agent

4 –seat car (2 days): 2.000.000 vnd

7-seat car ( 2 days) : 2.500.000 vnd

16-seat car ( 2 days) : 2.900.000 vnd

29-seat car ( 2 days): 3.200.000 vnd

35- seat car ( 2 days): 4.300.000 vnd

45-seat car ( 2 days): 4.600.000 vnd

Itinerary Hanoi – Mai Chau is at least 160 kilometers long. During the journey, if you encounter the poor quality car or difficult drivers, it will affect the atmosphere. Therefore, it’s necessary to check the car yourself before renting to ensure the safety.

Tip 2: Check the car carefully before renting. Request the agency arrange the driver that has experiences about Hanoi – Mai Chau route.

When is the suitable time to rent the car?

This depends on when you organize the tour. The best time to visit Mai Chau is from October to December and from March to April. At that time, the valley will be covered with flowers and festivals, so the number of tourists will increase dramatically that makes renting car become more difficult.

Therefore, at the peak seasons, you should book the car at least one week in advance. If you book near the day you depart, you will be charged a higher fee of 15-30% and even the car is not as good as desired.

Tip 3: Book at least one week in advance of the peak season and at least 2-3 days in advance at weekend.

When renting a car, it must have a contract between two parties. In particular, the information should be provided on the subjects, type of vehicle, price, schedule, rights, and responsibilities of the parties. You should require specifying the license plate number if possible. It is best to just sign the contract after checking totally the car yourself.

Tip 4: Put the penalty into the contract if the car owner does not provide the right type of car and be on time.

We often want to visit many destinations when traveling. Coming too many places in the short time can make visitors tired.

To ensure an interesting trip, you should choose some impressive places, spend time relaxing and exploring the cuisine. Some must-see destinations when traveling to Mai Chau such as Thung Khe Pass, Lac Village, Mo Luong Cave, Chieu Grotto.

Tip 5: Have a clear itinerary includes departure time, destinations and activities.

If you want to take Mai chau tour 3 days, this is the suggested itinerary

Day 1: Hanoi – Lac Village

6.30: Depart from Hanoi

7.30: Stop to have breakfast in Xuan Mai

9.30: Arrive at Thung Khe Pass, take a break, take photos, enjoy corns and bamboo-tube rice.

11.00: Arrive at Lac Village and have lunch.

13.00: Visit villages of Thai people: Lac Village, Pom Coong Village, Nhot Village, Van Village.

18.00 : back to stilt house and have dinner.

19.30 – 20.30: Watch Thai dancing, fire camping and sing.

Overnight at stilt house

Day 2: Lac Village – Hoa Binh Lake

8.00: have breakfast and head to Hoa Binh Lake by motorbike.

9.00: Arrive at Ba Khan – Hoa Binh Lake, fish.

11.00: Have lunch.

13.00: Swim in Go Lao waterfall.

15.00: back to Lac Village

Have dinner and overnight at stilt house.

Day 3: Trekking to Thai Villages

7.00: Have breakfast

8.00: Trekking to Thai villages: Na Mo, Na Meo, Xam Pa, visit terrace paddle fields.

11.00: have lunch

13.00: Back to Hanoi.

Some notes when traveling to Mai Chau

If you travel alone, the most suitable way is traveling by coach. You can depart from My Dinh, Giap Bat or Yen Nghia Station. The ticket price is about 80.000 vnd.

If you travel in a group, you can contact the car owner to pick you up. You can also negotiate the price.

If you take Mai Chau tours Vietnam, you should choose the company with high-quality coaches (Ford Transit or Mercedes Sprinter). Foreign tourists often use this service.

Normally, the tour bus often has break time to take photos at Thung Khe Pass and buy some souvenirs. Thung Khe is also the place where you can see the panoramic view of Mai Chau.

Hope that our suggestions can help you when planning your trip to Mai Chau. For further information, please visit our website. If you have any questions, feel free to let us know. Have a nice trip!